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How to define the performance of the magnet?

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Mainly has the following three performance parameters to determine the performance of the magnet:

Remanence Br: permanent magnet magnetized to technical saturation, and after removing the external magnetic field, called the retained residual magnetic flux density Br.

Coercive force Hc: to technical saturation magnetization of the permanent magnet B is reduced to zero, the need to add a reverse magnetic field strength is called magnetic induction coercive force, referred to as the coercive force

BH BH: represents the magnetic energy density of the magnet gap space (two-pole magnet space) established that the static magnetic energy per unit volume of the air gap. As this energy is equal to the product of the magnet Bm and Hm, so called energy product.

Magnetic field: generating a magnetic effect on the magnetic field space

Surface magnetic field: the magnetic induction of the permanent magnet surface to a specified location

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