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Imminent establishment of strategic resources reserve system

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Academician Xu and several academicians have called on China should establish strategic resources of rare earth reserve system, strengthen the protection of rare earth resources, to regain international pricing.

Guangxian that since the weak awareness of intellectual property protection, originally only in the original Baotou, Shanghai and Zhujiang three state-owned rare earth rare earth separation plant to promote technology diffusion, China's rare earth production capacity to rapidly reach 120,000 to 150,000 tons, 100,000 tons more than the world so demands. Imbalance between supply and demand, lower prices led to another rare earth products fell sharply, so that China's rare earth industry in trouble.

In view of this, Xu Guang-Xian calls for national early establishment of a special fund in the acquisition of rare earth products at low prices to establish strategic reserves of rare earth. Countries to strengthen macro-control of rare earth resources development work, scientific development, control the volume, adjust the structure to protect valuable strategic resource.

During the two sessions this year, NPC, Baotou Mayor Hu Ercha that "there is no earth there is no high-tech" calling of rare earth high-tech industrial development as soon as possible to develop strategies, a clear convergence of rare earth industry and high-tech industry development direction , the establishment of a national repository of rare earth resources.

Hu Ercha suggested that a rare earth industry development into China's "Twelfth Five-Year" development plan, to build China's largest Baotou rare earth industry development and application base. While developing policies to support the rare earth industry, and actively guide the domestic rare earth industry, optimize the layout, structural adjustment, to encourage applications of rare earth industry to extend, to establish a national repository of rare earth resources, emphasis on rare earth reserve, set up from R & D to coordinate the whole process of industrialization butt rare earth special support programs, and guide the healthy and rapid development of rare earth industry; and to increase support for basic research on rare-earth efforts to set up R & D centers and other research institutions rare.

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