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N52 Neodymium Magnets 80*60*18mm Super Strong NdFeB Rare Earth M

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Currently in NdFeB price movements driven by hybrid technology is the most mature Japanese manufacturers, while other parts of the world automobile manufacturers are catching up, industrial capacity has been greatly enhanced. In a hybrid motor with 60kw calculated need NdFeB 2-3kg, and to yield 1 million to design, produce 2000-3000 tons of direct incremental demand. And with new energy minibuses 90kw electric motor used to calculate its required each motor NdFeB permanent magnet materials will reach 5 kg or more, and we believe that China in 10-13 years, new energy buses and other public transportation will be focused on supporting the government. We are optimistic about the future of NdFeB permanent magnet materials in the extension of new energy automotive efforts. Chinese car makers in Europe and America as well as in the new energy automotive industry to speed up the production schedule, the entire market will play a role in promoting and accelerating new energy vehicle market share, while speeding driving incremental demand for high-performance NdFeB will directly pull more than 35,000 tons of high performance NdFeB incremental demand. And if considering new energy buses, trucks, etc., will reach at least 40,000 tons more than the demand, will be the largest end NdFeB future needs.

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