Frequently Asked Questions

About application tips of magnets, please make sure you read tips before you use magnet products of our company.
1.When you use magnets, make sure that work place clean, in case oxide and small adsorption impurities adsorb in the surface of magnet effect normal use of the products. 
2. Neodymium-Iron-Boron is appropriate in ventilation dry room. It's easily make magnets produce rust, coating fall off, magnet power fall off the magnetization when magnets work in the alkaline acid organic solvent water hot humid environment. 
3.When you storage magnets, you should notice: magnets should leave far from disk, magnetic cards, tapes ,computer monitors, watch, etc, which object to magnetic field sensitive; but also far away from heart pacemakers is electronic medical devices, etc. Because there will be dangerous when they get close. 
4. You should ensure that magnets can't severe shock in transportation and the installation process because the material of magnet is qualitative hard and brittle. If we can't handle it well, it's easy make the magnets damaged and split. 
5. Magnets should be shielded in transportation after finish magnetization, especially in the air transportation. 
6. It should be very careful when you operating assemblies, extract magnets one by one, avoid they attract each other against breakage, prevent magnets attract each other from the shock produce pieces fly into the eyes. It will hurt people body badly. 
7. Because the magnetism of neodymium-iron-boron is very strong, the suction is more than 600 times its own weight. When you operation magnets, you should avoid your hands or body were clamp by magnets. You should be paid more attention to the safety and personal protection when you use the big size magnets. 
8. The magnets with strong magnetism, like NdFeB magnet and SmCo magnet , should not put together with the magnet with weak magnet, like AINiCo magnet and Ferrite magnet, especially not placed opposite polarity, otherwise the weak magnet will demagnetization easily.
9. Please don't swallowed magnets, especially don't put magnet in the place which children's hand can reach.